Sunday, 12 August 2012

New colour

 The weather has been blissful today and we've spent most of the day relaxing in the garden. Althought the garden has been neglected this year and the slugs have feasted relentlessly the garden still looked pleasant.
 I've been thinking of making a range of work that is quicker to produce and would work well for everyday use. The shallow bowls above are the result so far. The bowl at the bottom of this post was a test piece I fired first to see what I thought would work. The rim is cobalt oxide and the peas are copper oxide. Having got that far I decide they needed more colour and splashed a dash of blue underglaze across. I was pleased with the dash of colour and then proceed to glaze the next eight bowls.
However, I was so keen to get the glazing done I completely forgot the splash of blue! Mark says he prefers them without the blue ( is he just being polite?)
I was prompted to do something a bit different for the next pottery festival as it's all about domestic ware and food. You can check it out here. It's in beautiful Derbyshire and I'm all ready looking forward to the food part.
The two bowls below are commissions for weddings. These are just quick shots I took to send to the people who commissioned them. The pots generally get sent straight to the couple they are for. I hope they liked them!


  1. I really like the bowls with the peas. I'm undecided about that splash though. I think it would be good to see what it looked like with a spatter in the same blue as is on the rim. Maybe more of a 'flick' of color, that kind of mark that is made when you flick paint off a toothbrush. (know what I mean??) Ha. Well either way they are very nice. I actually drew a few pea pods in my sketch book last week. :-)

  2. I like without the blue Margaret. Didn't realise you'd be in Derbyshire too. You and me both, and DF, and Nic and Sabine. We'll have a good time together whatever else happens. See you there.

  3. I like em both!! and lovely wedding dishes too mmm.. your deco is just the thing.. have a great show

  4. I love the blue rimmed bowls! They are very beautiful!