Thursday, 30 August 2012

The writings on the wall ( or pot)

I recently bought a copy of Ceramic Review. I hadn't meant to buy it any more but I saw the heading on the front Narrative and Text and of course I didn't resist.
Although not all my pots have text on them most of them do. It is a very slow process but I think it is a very important element in my work. I know the main reason I use it is because I find it very decorative. It's an element that adds rhythm and texture to the pot. I have always liked hand writing and the way different pens create totally different results. (But that's a whole different subject)
I also enjoy thinking about what words will go around the pots. Sometimes they are just decorative but mostly they relate to the pictures I draw.
The bowl with the birds was one a series that came out of the kiln last week. One interesting aspect of writing on the pots is that at fairs people will stand and read all the pots. People may not always buy the pots but they seem to enjoy reading them.
One of the articles in Ceramics Review was about Carys Davies' work. You can read more about her work on her blog. Interestingly she too is Welsh. I am wondering what sort of response I would get if I put some writing in Welsh on my work!

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  1. I love the writing on your pots. If you wrote in Welsh it would much less obvious to many of us if there was a spelling mistake. :-)