Tuesday, 15 January 2013

Taking photographs

When I restated after the Christmas break I had quite a few pots waiting to be glazed. In some ways that has been good because I've had finished pots through the kiln which has made me feel I am making progress.
It has also helped to warm the studio up which is a bonus given the really cold weather. In fact, I put a biscuit firing on before I came in tonight and I am already looking forward to the comfort of a warm studio tomorrow.
Today I thought I should take some photos of this recent work. Usually I take photos outside. I wait for a very bright sunny day and then take them in a shady area. However with the very wet and cold weather we've been having I decide that I should try to take some photos in doors.
The top three pictures and the bottom two are taken in doors. Then I thought I should brave the cold and damp and take some outdoors so that I could compare the two. They are picture four and five.
Neither are exactly what I want and I'm thinking when I finish the pots I am currently working on it may be time to look for a professional photographer.


  1. I have a hard time getting the color right when I shoot indoors. I've been taking most of my recent photos outside with better results. Pots look great!

  2. I like your photographs Margaret. They make it easy to imagine your pots in my home rather than looking formal in a gallery type setting. If you buy a 'daylight' coloured lightbulb you will get truer colours indoors. On a sunny day,tape a sheet of bubble wrap over a sunlit window, place your piece to be photographed in the diffused light from this, on a large sheet of ordinary brown wrapping paper which is taped to the wall behind it and curved under it you can take really professional looking photographs.Take care not to 'bruise' the brown paper though as every crinkle shows! Good luck.

  3. I just love the art-deco-pre-raphelite look of these dishes....so unique!