Friday, 8 February 2013


 For many of the designs I do on my pots I make templates. I place these templates on the leather hard pots to draw an outline- this insures that I can get them in the right place as mistakes can't be rectified.
I now have hundreds of these cut out drawings all over the place. So i was wondering if I could use them for any other purpose.
I decided to try using them for some embroidery. Well if I thought pottery was a slow process I hadn't tried embroidery. If I ever finish this piece I don't think I will be repeating the process.

 Here are some plates I got out of the kiln on Monday. Again using the template method. I'm calling these the alphabet plates. There are a few more to go through the kiln but again I'm not sure about these. I'd seen some old children's plates in an antique shop that gave me the idea.

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  1. I really like the alphabet plates, great idea. The embroidery is nice too. Happy potting and have a good weekend.