Wednesday, 4 September 2013

A busy week

 Last Tuesday we headed off to London for the day. My middle son was home from Italy and he wanted to do 'tourist' things in London. My youngest son needed to go to the V and A to study changes in fashion. This suited me just fine as I was able to browse through the ceramics galleries.
This small exhibition caught my eye. It was entitled Deception- Ceramics and Imitation. When I was teaching children we had great fun with this topic. I once took a box of  'biscuits' home and found it really funny when someone tried to take a bite out of one! We all met up for lunch in China Town before heading down the Mall and finishing the day in a London pub.

 As if that wasn't enough fun for one week my eldest son got married on Thursday. It was a most joyous occasion. It was a wonderful mixture of solemnity and fun, dignified and relaxed.

 My daughter is also home from China for the wedding and another impending event. Looks like our family is definitely growing.

 Unloading the glaze firing on Monday hardly seems exciting in the light of all the other events, though strangely enough, doesn't matter how many times I fire the kiln I still look forward to unpacking it with a sense of anticipation.
Here are some of the pots that are going to Pots and Food in Wardlow Mires next week. Wardlow Mires is a most beautiful place so do check out the event. I think the combination of food and pots is marvellous but then perhaps I am just greedy. We enjoyed last years event enormously and I felt the need to sample most of the food and drink.

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