Monday, 16 September 2013

The last festival and the next.

 Can you remember weeks ago we had warm, no, hot weather? It's easy to forget now the rain and storms have washed the sunshine away. Anyway,one hot day when the kiln was on and the studio was baking the pots were drying too fast, I was just about to recycle this pot when I thought I'd quickly experiment with a different design. Here is the result. Not quite sure whether I can develop this idea or not.
 Anyway,the pace of life has changed this week as I take a break from the studio to go to pottery festivals. The week-end was spent at Wardlow Mires. Here's my stand. The week-end was very enjoyable and went all too quickly. I think the combination of pots and food works really well. The countryside around the festival is wonderful with rolling hills stretching in every direction only broken by sudden outcrops of rocks. I only wish we could have stayed longer to explore the area more and enjoy Pat and Geof's hospitality at The Three Stags' Head.

 Back at home I am preparing for the next event which is Ceramics in the City at the Geffrye Museum in London. The bowls below will be coming with me. I set up on Wednesday and the event runs from Thursday evening through to Sunday evening.

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