Thursday, 6 October 2016

A day of temples

 Yesterday was planned as a day to visit temples! Mark is just entering the visitor centre at the first- very high tech.
 The rained poured but as intrepid explorers we equipped ourselves with umbrellas and I had a fetching little number a cross between a plastic bag and a rain coat. The poppers didn't work but no matter I always carry a roll of double sided cellotape with me and it proved very handy.

 Six Doaist Temples left us wet but ready for more.

 Unfortunately the second temple wasn't reached so easily and we had to trek up a very muddy hill to reach it.

This was the final temple of the day and by the time we reached it we were very wet and extremely muddy. This temple was claimed by both the Christians and the Buddists, the others were Toaist and Doaist.

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