Monday, 3 October 2016

Visiting China

We've been in China for a few days now though I think I may have slept most of the first day. The second day we explored the local park and shops. Mark and Miriam have found a spot of shade in the park.
 On day three we travelled out to a village where my daughter had heard there was a local artist. At the moment it is a national holiday in China and in the village there was an air of excitement and celebration. We passed three weddings in the village and villagers had taken to the streets to perform their chores or just chat.

 At the artist's studio he was pleased to show us his work and pulled scrolls out from under his work station. His work is done in the traditional way with inks on a very thin paper. The village is surrounded by mountains so he goes out into the mountains to sketch before working up his paintings.
 From that village we went onto another with a Buddist Temple which was an opportunity for a family photo!
The following village had a large museum showing 'Farmers' Art'. Under Mao intellectuals were unable to work and artists were placed in this category and instead Mao wanted local peasant farmers to create art. Most of the art was very political and very illustrative but much of it was very finely drawn. one village still produces Farmer Art but it is largely a tourist attraction.

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