Wednesday, 18 June 2008


I spent Saturday demonstrating at The Grace Barrand Design Centre, a local gallery. This was as part of Surrey Open Studios.
Unfortunately the gallery will be closing soon. They did a great coffee and my daughter and I are going to miss our get togethers there.
Today I have been busy glazing. I've got a glaze firing on tonight and enough pots glazed for another firing as soon as I empty this one.
I'm getting ready for Ceramics South East.
Tomorrow I've got to paint shelves to take with me!! It never ceases to amaze me how many non pottery jobs there seem to be to running a pottery.


  1. Looks great, good to see you in action. I hope the sun shines for you this year at CSE

  2. Good to see you there Margaret. Seems like a lot of us are glazing lately. Good luck getting ready for the show

  3. Nice little "plug" for Roderveld there... :-) Hope "my" wheel is still serving you well? I'm looking forward to finally getting a new wheel in a few months time as consruction is moving along nicely. Can't wait!

    Wow. I'm sad to hear that GB is closing down. Is anything opening in its place or are they going to convert it into townhouses??? :-(

    How did the surrey open studio go? Any more action than previous years?

  4. I liked getting to see you in the photos--lovely! Gay