Thursday, 12 June 2008


Above are some bowls I've made this week. I've thrown 10 or more .
Sometime ago a lady commissioned a bowl and asked if it could be 'not brown' on the outside. Usually I just decorate the inside. For her bowl I inverted the bowl on the wheel and applied green slips with a large, flat brush. It did infact turn out good and the lady was pleased. However, it has left me wondering if I could make some bowls with decoration on the inside and out. I haven't fould it easy to get the slip on the outside. One of the smaller bowls I tried dipping in the slip but it fell apart!! (You may laugh. I won't mind).
Anyway, I am now applying it by pouring and the top picture shows the awkward way I have worked out for doing it. I invert the bowl on top of the turn table and pour away. Just leaves an acrobatic flick over for pot and turntable to be able to move onto the next pot.
I had initially thought that I would decorate these quite quickly but of course there is far more surface to decorate!! It will take the rest of this week to finish decorating them.


  1. I love the handles on those bowls! Your window "display" looks great too.

  2. Do you know of a potter called Margaret Minshun (I think that's how you spell it?) Up North somewhere from where I am, posibly Ardnamurchan.

  3. Do you mean Maureen Minchin? Here's a link to some of her stuff

    Outsides of bowls -tricky