Saturday, 22 November 2008

Farnham Art in Clay

I enjoyed a day out at Art in Clay today.It's good to see other people's work but also it was good to meet up with old and new friends. I was able to meet Andrew which was good as we follow each others blog.
This is for Hannah just to show that we met Niek and Pim and passed on her regards. That's an excellent jug there just in front of Pim. It's always motivational to see other potter's work.


  1. My picture of Pim and Niek didn't come out very well, so I didn't use it. It was a good day - thank you for your company - again, always good to meet up with people, but also sometimes good to go round these shows with someone else- you get a different perspective (well i did.)

    And thank you again for the lovely jug - it's fab - I shall find someone special for it to go.

  2. Thanks Margaret, hope you had a good day with Andrew. Did you buy any pots?