Thursday, 6 November 2008

Where do all the feathers go?

Although we live on a council estate I still see plenty of birds. Just in the last day I've seen wrens,robins, magpies, blackbirds, bluetits, crows, pigeons and the lesser spotted woodpecker. But I still see very few feathers. I decided that I would record all the feathers that I found but as yet the sheet of paper is hardly half full. I am then drawing the feathers onto my pots.
Well I'm doing this in my lunch break got to get back to my last casserole now!


  1. I've been collecting feathers too on my walks to work. I realised that autumn had come when I couldn't find any one evening - I think it was because the leaves had fallen and covered them - there's my theory. There are some guinea fowl that I pass every day - stupid looking things, but they drop the most beautiful spotted feathers. I've nearly collected enough to make my own guinea fowl.

  2. I didn't say, but meant to say, fabulous decoration - always fabulous.