Thursday, 13 November 2008


This week has seen me trying to get some 'good ' photographs taken. I know almost nothing about photography but I didn't let that deter me! I set up a backdrop in the studio and gathered all the lamps I could lay my hands on. If a good photograph could be taken by sheer determination I was going to get one. But I have to say for all my determination the photographs weren't very inspiring. (I've seen those ones they use in food photography where an egg and a cracked bowl look good.You know the sort).
Anyway, after spending some time on the enterprise I packed up. Then a glimmer of sun came out and in my welly boots I rushed into the garden armed with camera and pots. I was sliding about in the mud but still determined took a few pictures.
Today I have been throwing and slipping. I've had to finish for the day as I've run out of space. My studio is quite small. It's fairly damp out there today so I am hoping the big bowls will hold up now that I've slipped them. I don't think I'll get them into the kitchen like Paul as given damp in the studio versus three boys in the kitchen I know where they are safest! There will be plenty of turning and slipping to do tomorrow.

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  1. Lovely pots Margaret! Photographing pottery is indeed a challenge. I recall rushing out to the conservatory with my white sheet of paper for a backdrop (which I believe YOU gave me) when the English sun was just right... It is so hard to avoid hard shadows without having strong but indirect light or a light box setup. This article has some tips:

    If you are looking for a project, here are plans for a home-made light box: