Friday, 12 December 2008

I usually try to get a good opaque layer of slip onto my pots to provide a 'canvas' on which to decorate. It can also get the best colour response with the oxides. However, I had an order for a butter dish so I made two. Normally the things we keep at home are the pots that perhaps aren't perfect. But I liked this butter dish so much I've kept it. The slip is quite thin in places so the colours are very soft and faded looking. I've made a batch of seven or eight as a result but they are all under plactic and newspaper for the week-end.

When I went outside this morning I thought that the boys had been playing with my plant stakes. But no this was not the handiwork of boys but the spiders aided and abetted by the frost.

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  1. I love your work. I was wondering if your designs are drawn freehand or are they decals? If they're drawn, please share with me what you use to get such fine detail. I've used underglaze pens and they are not as precise as your work looks to be.

    michele d.


    Those spiders must have been pretty big, huh?