Wednesday, 17 December 2008

Decorating in more ways than one

These are a few pots in the studio today. The jug is one I made when demonstrating to my students and so I have used it to test my green glaze. It is now almost as I want it. It looks deeper if I use the green slip underneath. Will try that next before I go ahead with a batch of pots.
Today I have been back to decorating pots. Michele over at NOLA Potter asked me what tools I used so here they are. I used to use an ordinary pencil and still do for some lines but it gets tedious sharpening it all the time. So now I use a propelling pencil as I get through the leads quite quickly. I also use a nail set in a piece of dowelling and a hair grip for wider lines. The hair dryer is vital as it's important not to touch the surface of the pot when there are loose bits of clay on the surface so I just blow them off with the hair dryer. ( If you saw my hair you would see a hair dryer couldn't possibly help it!)
I have been doing some decorating in our lounge. Not my favourite occupation but when I took the old fireplace out it became apparent that I would need to decorate the whole room!! The wood burning stove is now installed and fully functioning.


  1. yummmmm wood burning stove. love;y.

    beautiful pots Margaret, as always.

  2. Hi Margaret. I like the green glaze. As Hannah said, lovely pots as always, very inspirational for me. That's a nice post card of Casson jugs too. :-) Happy Holidays.

  3. Thank you Margaret. I appreciate your sharing. It's very helpful.

    Btw, where do you sell your work online?