Thursday, 8 January 2009


I need to make mugs this week so I am thinking about how I will decorate them. The pictures show some mugs that I made some years ago that we use at home. I was never sure if I liked them and they took quite a long time to make by the time I had applied all those strips of clay. I am not going to pursue that idea but do some with sgraffito decoration. I threw a few on Tuesday to think about shapes and today I threw several more.
It's very cold here this week, fortunately all the pots have been O.K. The forecast tonight is for heavy frost so I have just come in from the studio as I've put a biscuit firing on. That will protect from frost and make the studio warm tomorrow. I'm surprised I could move today I had so many layers of clothes on!


  1. Nice collection of pots there. I bet the mugs with the strips of clay took a lot of work. I am very jealous of your Lisa Hammond pots. And are those ash glazed jugs by Richard Batterham? Beautiful salt glazed there up on the left hand side too. Love the thumbed bases.