Tuesday, 6 January 2009

New year

These are small lidded pots from the last firing. I've been packing fired work away to create as much room as possible in the studio.
I started back in the studio yesterday and found that I still had a few things under polythene. I decided I would finish these domes for butter dishes as their bases are all ready in the kiln! There were also a few other things to finish so I haven't yet done any throwing. I am looking forward to throwing tomorrow. I finished a bit early today-about 4 o'clock so I thought it was a bit late in the day to start throwing so I embarked on a few studio chores. Firstly, I slopped out a pile of reclaimed clay onto the plaster slab. I then decide to investigate the cly trap-after all I haven't looked at it for ages. UGhhh, it was very smelly and nearly full. Not too sure what to do with this clay-should I reclaim it, if my nostrils can come with the stench? I don't think I've ever got so messy good job there was nobody about to photograph me.

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  1. Margaret, I just marvel at your pots each time I see them.