Thursday, 29 January 2009

Finding direction

Here are a few of the pots out of the kiln this morning. I thought I should post some thing in case you thought I had taken a holiday! The first of the bowls with a horse theme came out. I like the shape and the writing around the outside but now I need to do my homework on the images I use. It takes me a while to work out what images to use even if they are very simple. I've thrown 8 or 9 bowls the same shape and some jugs and my drawing needs to stay ahead of the throwing really perhaps I will have some drawing time over the week-end.

I am now downing my paint brush and stepping away from this exercise! I may reconsider if I find any different feathers. At first I could hardly find one or two feathers but all that changed when I came across a dead pheasant that had been hit on the road. I now have plenty of pheasant feathers but very little else. If you remember I had set myself the task of recording all the feathers I found.


  1. The mug, front left, intrigues me. Is that a fox carrying a dead bird? Lovely pots anyway, and I think that feather page would look fab framed.

  2. Thanks for the comment Margaret - I'm leaving a reply here (although I've replied on my blog too.)

    I like it. Is the Luttrell Psalter the one in the Fitzwilliam? I have to admit to liking foxes - but it's a subject I steer clear of.

    Not much happening here, not really done anything pot-wise (the few attempts I have made didn't really get anywhere - I tried to build a little raku kiln but just ended up frustrated and cut to shreds.) Purchased lots of things for the new wood-fired kiln but not made any progress on the actual building of it. Maybe I'll get round to doing something next week (where did this one go?)

  3. I too think the feather painting is wonderful and I love the mugs with the rabbits. Yes, I bet that's a retriever with a duck (I noticed the webbed feet).

    Also, thanks for updating my URL in your sidebar.

  4. Ah, I see from the comment on Andrew's blog that it's a fox. Well at least I got the duck part right.

  5. i was planning to ring you and Andrew but then realised i'd messed up the dates.
    next time though i willl