Monday, 16 February 2009

Another trip

On Sunday we headed off to Brick Lane for lunch and a stroll around the markets. There are some great retro shops down Cheshire Street. That's Mark leaning against Labour and Wait's sign. The sign above was outside the British Library. I use my local library frequently and they are able to get quite rare books for me on loan from The British Library. The sign was outside the library. I tell my students that no one has had an original idea since original sin and that they just have to work at researching ideas. So I was quite taken by the quote!!

The pots on these shelves represents almost a whole weeks work (there are a few more bowls and a tile panel). Sgraffito is quite a slow process. I don't anticipate doing much work this week as the boys are on half term and Mark has taken the week off.

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  1. I love that Labour and Waits shop, me and my friend Emma oooohed and ahhhhed our way around it for hours last year - yikes even maybe the year before.