Tuesday, 10 February 2009

Trip to Farnham

As my studio is at home I sometimes hardly move further than the few feet to the studio and back to the house! So Saturday I decided we would go for a jaunt to Farnham. It's less than an hours drive and every where was still white with snow. We went to the Crafts Study Centre which had a great little exhibitiion of pots. A whole mixture off styles from Leach and Lucie Rie to Philip Elgin. They also had an exhibition of furniture by Matthew Burt. He had also designed the display area for the pots so you may get some views of it on the link. We had taken our 12 year old boy with us who (surprisingly don't you think) was not impressed with the pots or furniture! I think I may need to go again as you can book a sesson to see the archives. Sunday was hectic as my daughter is emigrating this year we invited some friends around and I cooked a Chinese meal. We had thought about 40 people would come but there were probably about 60. I'm now in recovery mode but hopefully everyone enjoyed themselves.
This was the snow in our garden last week. Our boys had never really seen snow like this before and they had a great time. They had an unplanned two days off school. On Sunday the snow vanished as quickly as it had come but today there was some flooding.

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