Friday, 6 March 2009

A very jolly jolly!

I have had a large number of family commitments this last week but I am still working away. These few pots are the only ones to come out of the kiln this week. I put these in just to fill up some space when I fired my students' work.
Yesterday we went to London and looked around Somerset House and The Courtauld Gallery. I wanted to go to Somerset House because in the latest edition of Ceramics Review they said that the Craft Potters Shop ( now Contemporary Ceramics) was moving there by the end of February. Well they may well be moving but they certainly haven't arrived!!
The Courtauld Gallery was interesting -Manet, Cezanne, Van Gogh Renoir and so many more- But today was definatley the best potter's outing. Clay- tons of it!! A whole clay pit in fact.
Clay straight out of the clay pit.
The clay pit. The clay was in all different shades. There was the softest coffee colour, deeper ochres and the brightest red terracottas.
Clay tiles drying on racks in the poly tunnels.

All over Kent there are old houses with hung tiles and beautiful tiled roofs. You can see the tiles fresh out of the kiln. They look wonderful because they have attractive warm shades with subtle variations of colour.
Just to make the day I came away with some clay to experiment with. I am really looking forward to this. I have two more casseroles to decorate and then I can set to on this clay. Tiles out of the kiln.

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