Sunday, 12 April 2009

Easter Break

Happy Easter everybody! This is our 'Easter tree'. We are in holiday mood and have spent the day gardening and enjoyed a walk around the lake. The birds are all busy pairing up and nest making.The herons have flown over the house twice and they are quite a sight up close.
This is my orchid which I am posting for Miri . It may look fairy small but it has been blooming for months. I was going to throw it away before Miri potted it up in one of her bowls. Miri has been setting up a pottery in Puerto Rico and it's looking really good.
Finished these bowls last week but I don't think I will get too much done this week with the boys all at home. Maybe a firing or two to keep things moving along.


  1. Happy Easter to you and your family Margaret! Thanks for posting the picture of the orchid; it looks beautiful. Your bowls look amazing! :-)

  2. Hi Margaret
    Love your pots , have bought from you at The Potters Market in Aylesford and always enjoy seeing what you're doing on brilliant blog.
    ive been hobby potting for afew years , also around 4 children ,(i dont know how you do it!) using red earthernware and dipping in slip but am having alot of shivering problems , have tried altering every part of process including changing slip recipes and read every pottery book i can get my hands on ,and bored every potter i know with my problem but to no avail.
    Any ideas?
    You kindly gave me your Lead Sequ glaze recipe which is lovely but is wasted on shaling pots.
    The finish of your pots is just what im aiming for. Alison