Tuesday, 17 November 2009

Something fishy

Here are some plates out of the kiln this week. I enjoyed playing around with these. I've used dots of wax resist on the bottom one which has produced a fun texture.
Today I packed a glaze firing with some test pieces. I am trying out some Spencroft clay so it will be interesting to see how it compares to my usual clay. Will be able to open it on Thursday.
Tonight I have been kneading clay from the clay pit in Kent. If I've got time I may throw some tomorrow but I've got quite a few chores to do ready for Farnham at the week-end.


  1. Great plates Margaret! Good to hear from you the other day and good luck at Farnham.

  2. They just get better and better.
    You really are onto something [good].
    If I manage to make Farnham on Sunday I am anticipating an empty stand when I arrive, your work there will be a "breath of fresh air".

  3. Aaaaaaaah!

    I've seen your fishy plates somewhere, wondered who made them, lovely. (I'm allergic to fish so I don't eat them, but I love the plates).
    Wetherby? I think it might have been the delicatessen at the Horsefair Centre?