Tuesday, 8 December 2009

Another pot!

With all the pots in the ceramics gallery of the V and A I always feel like a child in a toy shop and almost want to run from one glass case to another! But this big pot attracted my attention, partly because Godstone is very near to where I live, though I don't know what Pear water is!
I was drawn by that wonderful flowing script.
Where do all the old pots end up? They must have turned these out by the score, possibly in Fulham for various manufacturers in the area. Surely this cann't be the only one to survive?


  1. Yes, this is a great piece. The script is amazingly clear. I would imagine the clay was very fine, or at least free of grit or grog.

    thanks again.


  2. Lovely script in that pot. Someone took their penmanship very seriously. It reminds me a bit of the inscriptions on so-called "Newspaper Rock" in El Morro National Monument out in western New Mexico. There in the North American wilderness, Spaniards exploring a new land inscribed their names in the living rock using the same kind of elegant script. Pretty amazing.

  3. I have to agree, the flowing script is beautiful!