Thursday, 31 December 2009


Defeated - by a birds nest! I found this birds' nest in a climbing passion flower right outside our front door. I was so taken with its delicacy and intricacy that I thought I would record it. But it has proved very difficult to capture its complexity.
I've also recorded a few fragments from the garden.
A couple of days ago we made a trip to the British Museum again. Here's the new Chinese Ceramics gallery.
They certainly do embody it with a sense of the sacred and inspire an atmosphere of awe and preciousness. I don't think anyone spoke in more than a whisper. The shere number of wonderful glass cases and dimmed lighting are very effective.
What happens to the old fashioned glass cases with wooden frames that every museum had when I was a child. There should be a museum for old museums!
As wondreful as this gallery was it wasn't attracting the number of visitor the rest of the galleries were commanding. I don't ever remember seeing so many people in a museum. Have they become the destination for everyone on a Sunday afternoon?

A few objects from the Medieval gallery. The aquamaniles facinate me and although I would like to make one I don't suppose they would be saleable.

These two jugs only just made it to their new homes before Christmas as we were snowed in. There is quite a steep hill out of Merstham and it was impassable. The jug on the left had shimmering on the top rim which was a shame. They were made with the Kent clay with all its grit and bits.
Hope everyone has a good new year. I am looking forward to all the new pots to come in 2010!!


  1. I think your drawing of the nest is beautiful. Thanks for sharing the museum picture. Those medieval jugs have beautiful shape and handles. Happy New Year.

  2. Awesome pictures and pitchers! Happy New year to you and Mark!


  3. Happy New Year to you and yours. The drawings are beautiful as ever Margaret.

  4. You are not defeated by that nest, the drawing is fab!
    Yes the Park, I got in, after about 5 years tring. Failed miserably at all the other ones though. Ho hum. Will be good to see you there, excellent! Looking forward to it allready.

  5. Hi Margaret, couldn't find an email for you so I thought I'd try leaving this message here. I sent you a pot for the Secret Santa a while back, hopefully you'll get it soon. Best, Ron