Friday, 12 February 2010


Whew!! It's Friday.
A quick run through of the day goes like thike this-
Make sandwiches for 3 chaps
Run 2 boys to school
Swim 20 lengths in the local pool
Find parking space and dash to the shops for 1 bag of shopping.
Unpack 5 plates from kiln and various other pots.
Decorate last big shallow bowl (See top picture)
Make dough for 4 (or more) pizzas.
Now I am anticipating opening a bottle of red wine to go with those pizzas and having a relaxing evening by the wood burning stove!!
Happy Friday everyone.


  1. I got tired just reading about your day! Lovely plates. Enjoy the pizza (and the wine!). Miri

  2. wow just stunning work...there has to be a fish restaurant that would love a row of those on their wall..!

  3. Hi Margaret,

    Sounds like a lovely Friday!

    We met at Pot Fest In The Park - please could you email me? I don't have any contact details for you.