Thursday, 18 February 2010


We've spent the first few days of half-term with my parents in Wales. They live quite close to the Botanical Gardens of Wales (that is as the crow flies). We once walked there but there is a dual carriage way between them and the gardens. My sons still have not forgotten the walk and the dash across the dual carriage way! Suffice to say these days we take the car and just walk around the gardens.
Much of the garden is housed in this giant glass dome. Ten years ago when the gardens were first opened it all looked very raw and barren. Now it all looks very lush and verdant.

On a visit to Carmarthen we popped into a gallery- Oriel Myrddin Gallery.
We were greeted by some wonderful glass. Unfortunately my picture does not do it justice as it sang out with the light passing through it. Check it out on Ammanda's blog.


  1. She gets everywhere that girl! Happy holidays Margaret.

  2. wales how cool,maybe next trip i'll make it there..and lovely glass too..

  3. Thanks Margaret....I better lie low for a while in case Hannah thinks I'm taking over the world!! Nice to see where work goes too...cheers