Friday, 26 February 2010


This week has flown by. John over at Imagine gallery mentioned that he has invited me to contribute some work to his 'Alice' exhibition. So I started on Monday with throwing bowls. Tuesday they were slipped and Wednesday they were turned. So Thursday they were ready for decorating.
In the meantime I got a copy of Alice from Amazon (cost 1p plus postage!) I don't think I've actually read the book since I was a child. The new copy I've bought seems to have the same illustrations I remember from childhood by John Tenniel. Also I've had to work on drawings, something I enjoy doing. The first two bowls I've pictured here. They are very straight forward to get me into thinking about the theme.
Then this morning as I ran around the shops in Reigate I noticed this display in the optician's window. I found it quite amusing. Kitty Shepherd posted some window displays on her blog. Tim Burton's film has been in the news all week so it's 'Alice' all round.


  1. alice is all the rage...we never tire of her tales...lovely bowls your illustration are just the best, you should make some prints of the drawings they'd go down a treat...

  2. I can't wait to get back to those "Local Shops for Local People", Samana Santa will be bringing out the very best in all those window dressers. It is quite nice to think that Easter will actually eclipse Alice in Wonderland in Spain!

  3. They look fantastic Margaret.
    I have been caught up in other things for a few days
    but now I have seen these I am really excited and can't wait to get "back on track".
    It's going to look really good even if nothing but your bowls turn up.