Friday, 19 March 2010

Alice in Wonderland

I am just coming to the end of my time working on the theme of 'Alice'. I am quite sad to leave the theme as I have enjoyed working with the idea. Normally I try to keep ahead with the ideas I am exploring in my sketch books. Above is a drawing that I have never used and my head and sketch book are full of ideas that I want to explore. I am never in the position of looking at a pot and wondering what I am going to do with it in terms of decoration.
With 'Alice' I have been in a different position where I am almost behind with the drawings. I have been drawing my 13 year old son to get some ideas for how Alice might look in different situations. (I decided that drawing the 16 or 19 year old would be no good or Alice would look like a hairy gorilla!) Good job they never read the blog!!
I have also refered to the original drawings by John Tenniel as they are images I remember from my childhood.

After working on the drawings I have made templates. I didn't use all of them but they are very useful as you cann't correct mistakes with sgraffito. I use them to place the images on the pots.
Here is a glimpse of a few more finished bowls.

We went to see the film 'Alice in Wonderland' withJonny Depp last Sunday and now I am looking for Alice everywhere. We saw the film in 3D. I haven't been to the cinema for years and it gave me motion sickness- the screen was massive. When we got home I was glad to go for a walk around the lake to clear my head. But I couldn't help thinking that there might be a hole some- where near these tree rooots that Alice might just fall down.
Next week it will be back to making colanders and jugs.

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  1. Great movement on your work as always, yeh i'm not sure about the 3d thing but i reckon it'd be a fine movie..