Thursday, 4 March 2010

I'm reading....

I've borrowed this book from the local library. The library is very small and only has restricted opening hours added to which they have no pottery books. However, they will get you any book you want! A wonderful service. This book is quite a hefty fella and has page after page of pictures of pots. It is just made to thrill and excite people like me. (The rest of my family just roll their eyes).
I'm particularly interested in the sgraffito ware but also it's informative to look at the shapes of pots. The jugs in particular. I think the next place on my growing list of places to visit must be the Fitzwilliam Museum in Cambridge. I've never been there but that is where all these pots are resident.


  1. It's a lovely book isn't it Margaret. I've looked through it a few times. Due to council cut backs our library woon't order things in anymore which is very sad. they'll only get thnings from within the region, which is fairly limited.

  2. Oh, those jugs! That's what got me into pottery and they still give me a thrill!