Thursday, 11 March 2010

Kiln Opening

Here are a few of the pots out of today's kiln opening. One of the bowls with Alice in Wonderland. I am really enjoying pursuing this theme and would like to do far more drawings around the story. It is such a wild and slightly sinister book.
I am not so happy with the bowl below. I think it is too brightly coloured and prefer the one underneath. So I won't continue with all the colours but stick to a more limited range of colours.
Had to get the kiln straight back on with a biscuit firing.


  1. great firing then, love em all...

  2. Being very biased I love the Alice bowl.
    Come on Margaret make some more, you're getting me excited.

  3. Just found your blog by way of P. Jessop. I love your work and will be visiting regularly!

  4. I love to follow your blog and watch expectantly as you take your works out of the kiln I love your Alice pieces. Living in the USA, how could I purchase your creations. Please let me know if this is possible. Angie

  5. I saw your comment. The tiles on Spitalfield Life Blog commemorating ordinary people who lost their lives trying to save others. The hand-lettered tiles and were made by Doulton.