Monday, 14 June 2010

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When it comes to pottery I am still like a child in a sweet shop. I am attracted to anything made with clay, doesn't matter if it's good 'taste' or not. So when I saw this book in a charity shop I was delighted and took it home to read (look at pictures ) with a cup of coffee.
It's full of wonderful ornate and sometimes bizarre pieces. I was attracted to the tureens, partly because the book says that people no longer use tureens. A quick look on ebay confirmed that this may be true as there are thousands on for sale!
I am afraid to say I did buy one myself on ebay. Why? you may well ask, particularly as it isn't all that attractive. Well the stamp on the bottom says 'Brampton Burslem' ! It clearly had my name on it.
I am now working on making some tureens. The idea of making something more as a centre piece that people may not use interests me also the idea that it is in some way part of a special, ceremonial meal is interesting. As you can see from the bottom picture I also bought a ladle.
Below is a page from May's edition of Homes and Gardens. I bought it on a whim but was taken with this modern take on the ladle by Rachel Holian.
You don't necessarily need to buy a 'ceramics' magazine to find plenty of inspiration!

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