Monday, 28 June 2010

Business cards

There always seems so many more tasks need to be done related to the pottery that aren't actually making pots! One of them this week was ordering business cards ready to go to Ceramics South East at Aylesford. I had left it fairly late and only got round to ordering them on Wednesday last week but they were with me on Saturday morning.
Below are a few cutlery drainers that need to packed to come to Aylesford as well. Ceramics South East starts this Wednesday and runs through to Sunday. It's in the Priory which is a very pleasant setting so I am hoping for good weather.


  1. Hang on - CSE is Friday/Saturday/Sunday, surely. It doesn't start on Wednesday. Please tell me it doesn't.

    As for business cards, I did some for potfest via vistaprint - cheap but cost me a fortune to get them sent within one day! I only had bags because I stopped at Sally Ravens on the way up and she reminded me and gave me some.

    Ho hum - not really looking forward to the show, but will be good to see you there.

  2. Margaret your pots are amazing. Did you see my latest attempt at color? Oh brother what a disaster!!! I have no idea what I'm doing. I love those drainers. Best,ron

  3. Phew! Thanks for the confirmation. Comments like that will be the death of me, though :) I am actually closing in on being ready - I have made some plinths, which are awful but will do - they need painting. Just washing the few pots from the last firing.

    I shall be camping - it's a two and a quarter hour drive, including M25 - don't want to be doing that twice a day, really.

    Well, see you Thursday.