Sunday, 20 June 2010

Pottery Supplies

On Thursday I surveyed the pile of biscuit ware and decided that I needed to get on and get some glazing done. When I looked into the glaze bin I was alarmed to find very little glaze left so Friday I had to go to my supplier and restock.
I get nearly all my materials from 'Clay Cellar' in Brentchley, Kent. It's run by Roger and Lindsey who have been looking after me for years. This time I was very restrained and only bought a few things but it doesn't matter how many tools I've got I still enjoy looking at the array of tools and materials. It's a very attractive part of the countryside where their shop is situated and you pass through very attractive Kent villages and orchards.
On Thursday I also realised that Ceramics South East is only two weeks away!! The list of things to do includes taking photos for cards, planning my display, making sure I have bubble wrap and bags etc. etc.

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  1. what a sweet store very picturesque...have fun at the show looks like its a big one..