Tuesday, 7 September 2010

Books and pots

I've been back in the studio for over a week now but there is'nt much to show yet. After giving the studio a good clean I fired the work left from August. This is one of the bowls. Needless to say that after just a day back at work the studio looked as though I'd never cleaned it.

The Holkham Bible Picture Book is one of my sources for imagery and today I received a facsimile of it. This has got to be easier than orderng it from the British Library. Their copy is a much older facsimile copy but I am not allowed to remove it from our local library. Now I can browse through it whenever I like.
I am wondering what imagery to use on my pots as I start a new batch of work. I do have a facsimile copy of the Luttrell Psalter from the British Library. In the past I have used images of everyday life from this book but this time I am making drawings from the smaller images in the margins. Here are a few in the Luttrell Psalter below. I am trying to get lots of drawings done of these to work onto my pots.

I am still recording feathers I have found. A jay passed through the garden earlier in the week and left me a beatiful blue feather - it was as if he knew I wanted one!


  1. I'm so glad you got your Jay feather Margaret. We were going to post you one if we found one. And how lovely that it was in your garden.

    I remember when I found a Jay feather on a walk. I thought it was a bit of blue plastic until I got close and realised it was a beautiful feather!

  2. Neat to see these sources of inspiration. I really love those images in the Luttrell Psalter.

  3. Hi Margaret, good to have you back!
    My computer is playing up and won't show me any of the pictures though but it's good to hear from you none the less.
    See you next week?

  4. I love those images from the bible picture book - really inspiring.

  5. What a lovely post, I like your source book very much and in particular the funny little owl type creature. I went into Bristol Museum last week and visited their stuffed bird section; it was absolutely amazing I recommend a visit to anyone.
    I can't quite tell form the photograph are those feathers painted on the paper or have you laid them out? They are very beautiful.

  6. Hi Margaret, I chatted to you at potfest, I really liked your work.I hope to start a blog on my new website which will be ready shortly. I have been experimenting with different temps and ramps to improve my slipware. best wishes Angie