Tuesday, 14 September 2010

Today's pots

This is the reliquary I have been working on this week. I still feel that the idea is in it's infancy and I have quickly done some drawings today to try to remember some of the ideas |I want to work with. For now though I must turn my attention to the orders I have.
Tomorrow I must get back to throwing.
Also I need to get my car to the garage as it's developed a problem.

The bowl above is an order I did but I wasn't happy with the way the critters went around the rim. On the bowl above you can see how I've re-done it and worked the grasshoppers more into the middle of the bowl. I just hope it firers well.


  1. enjoy seeing what you're working on Margaret.

  2. Beautiful details on all your pieces, very nice.

  3. I love this reliquary (I wish I could say that word).