Saturday, 15 January 2011

It's been a busy week so not much time for blogging. I haven't made any jugs like the one at the top for a while so I decided to make a new batch. I think I threw 10 which are all now slipped and ready for decorating next week.
I had forgotten how much extra work is involved in adding the slabbed spout. I use a paper template for the spout but it's much slower than just pulling a pouring lip. I am looking forward to decorating them next week.


  1. Hi Margaret! I really like the look of those jugs! I have a question though about the spouts...
    Do you attach the spout first, then cut away the inside wall of the jug, or do you cut the area out fist and attach the slab spout? Always wondered 'bout that, as I've never seen it demonstrated. I will have to try the slab - my spouts tend to get too thin and tear. Drop me an email and let me know, please? Thanks!

  2. Love those beaks Margaret. Happy decorating...

  3. gorgeous, love the intentional angles :) ooh yeh now for the illustrations...