Monday, 24 January 2011

the jugs squence

This jug is currently on ebay. These jugs were made in the Sunderland Pottery and feature many of the elements I like working with. They often had script and decorative motifs.

I thought I would record the stages of making a jug with a slabbed spout. These are based on 19th century industrial shapes like the one at the top.
I'm afraid this may be a bit boring but obviously I start with kneading , wedging and weighing the clay.
Then on to throwing. I've got some paper templates for the spout.

The spout is marked out before I cut out the shape. At this stage I had to take a break yesterday to do some glazing before the studio became grid locked. So I got a glaze firing on to create enough space to slip these jugs and some mugs.

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