Tuesday, 25 January 2011

Today I have been slipping pots and decorating. There seem to be pots everywhere and at every stage. This is quite good as the slip can be drying on one batch of pots whilst I am doing sgraffito on another batch. When the weather is as cold and damp as it currently is it takes two days to get slip on both the inside and outside of the jugs. The pot above is the 'naked' pot before it's coating of slip.

Before I draw onto the pots with sgraffito I mark out where the insects are going as errors can't be rectified. I really enjoy painting on the pots with food dye. I don't know why it gives me so much pleasure! But once the position of things is marked on I can do the sgraffito and then paint in the oxides. I do all the above to the accompaniment of the laptop. You can get any number of things to listen to now!


  1. Thanks for sharing Margaret - its nice to see how others work.

  2. brilliant! I really enjoy your blog so much!