Monday, 10 September 2012


 I have plenty of work I should be doing. I have been busy in the pottery each day but I had planned to get some water colour painting done in the evenings.
But I heard the phrase 'match box art' somewhere in the blogsphere and made these little boxes. I've been putting one in with my husband's sandwiches now and again. They are meant to distract him in his busy work day. I put things like chocolates, tea bags, jokes and other things similar to a Christmas cracker in them. They don't really cost anything so it's just a bit of fun. I'm not sure who's been more distracted him or me!
 Another distraction has been trying to find an easy and quick way to make photo 'mosaics'. You know something the computer illiterate can do in three seconds and it looks like a professional did it.
I've also been trying to take photographs of my work as I need some up-to-date ones. That's something else I'd like to do in a few minutes and it look as though Jan Baldwin or Jonathan Lovekin took them.
I'm working very industriously in the pottery getting things ready for the Pottery and Food Festival at Wardlow Mires. I may have mentioned all ready I'm looking forward to the food part.
One of the exhibitors there is Robin Wood , a green woodworker, and I am looking forward to seeing his work. Check out his site it's full of interesting articles.

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