Wednesday, 12 September 2012


 I've been busy working for some weeks with very little break so I rewarded myself with a new book. The post man always comes about lunch time and earlier in the week he brought Linda Bloomfield's book on colour in glazes. He was just in time for me to look through it whilst having lunch. I think I want to experiment with more colour now!!
The book below is about Jean-Nicholas Gerard a French potter and arrived a few weeks ago. I am enthralled by it. My photos really don't do the book justice. The book shows the pots at various stages of making and also on show in galleries but the bit I find inspiring is seeing the pots in use. It looks so much fun having food out of hand made pots with real character. It makes me think that good food can only taste better out of these vessels.


  1. Hi Margaret...
    what beautiful work you make...and I like all the distractions that find there way here..a book ...a matchbox...seems a normal part of potting really ..lovely blogging

  2. I'm eager to see Linda's book, Margaret, because I apparently have a few pots in it. She's been working on it for about three years, I think. Looks good on the cover, at least.