Tuesday, 18 September 2012

Pots and Food at wardlow Mires

 At the week-end we were at a festival of pottery and food in Wardlow Mires, Derbyshire. The idea was that potters producing domestic ware should show it alongside food producers.
The combination made for a very enjoyable week-end. We interspersed the selling of pots with sampling the wares of the food producers.
There was also a stall exhibiting Brampton Pottery. This was salt glazed ware produced by a consortium of potteries in the Chesterfield area I think produced in the 18th century. Josie Walter wrote a small book about them and you can find much of the text here. 
I was delighted to see the pots as I've only seen them in Josie's books before.They are quite exuberant with lots of sprigging.

 Did I mention that as well as Brampton pots I share a name with a brewery?
There was a stall selling Brampton beer but I won't tell you if I sampled that as well as the food.

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