Saturday, 16 February 2013

A catch up.

Last Saturday we headed up to London to look for Barn the Spoon. He makes wonderful hand carved wooden spoons which are a real pleasure to use. After being in the studio working on my own all week I am often glad to get out at the week-end.

 We walked down Brick Lane to Barn's shop but came back along Columbia Road which is full of interesting little shops. It's also cheered up with these mosaics on the wall of a local school. I thought they added a colourful high light to the road. We then went on to the Victoria and Albert Museum.

 I'm on the look out for small decorative motifs that may inspire my own work. Some were on pottery but the panel with trees and hunters was on a cabinet in the new furniture gallery. By which time I was so exhausted we had to head home!

 This week I've been working on these 'fish ' bowls all week. They are definitely the slowest pattern I use even though I try to draw them quite quickly and freely.

 This morning I was out looking for the remains of cow parsley to do some drawing for my next batch of pots. They have very strong linear qualities that translate onto the pots well. Before heading home I called into a local 'vintage' shop where I found this slipware cider jar. Fortunately it survived the journey home intact - unlike the cow parsley. Does anyone recognise the potter's mark? I wonder if it's French.


  1. A wonderful and inspiring day Margaret!

  2. Looks like a great day out. Love all the images from the V&A as well as the fish pots you are working on. That cider jar is a beauty too.

  3. Thank you for that boar at the V&A - great place. Love your fishes bowl. Cider jar is a fab find too.

  4. Hi Margaret,

    I'm just adding your entry to the new potters marks book and had a look at your blog. I noticed the photo of the cider jar. It's made by Alan Frewin at Millhouse Pottery, 1 Station Road, Harleston, Norfolk. A nice find :)

    About to email you your entry for the book. Thanks for your help :)