Wednesday, 20 February 2013

Glaze results

 This small 'lake' is about five minutes walk from our house. It's where an old sand pit has been flooded when the excavating was finished. There are several of these close to our home, some quite big and they are now managed as nature reserves. As you can see I am still looking for skeletal plant structures to draw.
Yesterday I had to make a trip into Kent to pick up clay. You know the sort that comes in plastic bags! The two pots above are made from the clay straight out of the clay pit in Kent but I am still having issues with the glaze splintering on this body. I would really like to use this clay more rather than the commercial clay. 
The top jug is glazed with my sesquecilicate glaze and this is the one that is causing me problems. The photo doesn't really show the difference very clearly but the bottom jug is glazed with a commercial glaze. It fits the body well but it looks very cold whereas the other glaze looks very warm and really lets the clay body 'glow'.
The other problem with the commercial glaze is that even if I compromised and decided to use it they no longer make it.
Although I don't do much work in this clay I still am testing for viable solutions so that I could at least do a series of work using it. I've not given up yet and still have some ideas to test.

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  1. Good luck w. the clay and glaze. I'm afraid my glaze doesn't have much life to it either. If only lead weren't poisonous we all be happy campers.