Tuesday, 11 October 2016

Museum Village

 Today you can come with me to the Folk Museum. The buildings have been brought from different areas in China and rebuilt to form the museum.
 If the architecture isn't enough there is a performance for our entertainment. There is an interesting array of traditional instruments and someone playing a bench. Somewhat unexpected but very effective.

 The whole place is very beautiful and set in an interesting garden. If you didn't want a ride out to the museum you can walk to the local park where there is always plenty of activity and they won't mind you joining in.
 There is Tai Chi, calligraphy line dancing, opera singing and ballroom dancing to name but a few activities.

 One of the local markets is made up of a labyrinth of small arcades each one lined with shops selling pots. We can take a wonder down these alleys but unfortunately I don't speak a word of Manderin so we can't chat to the shop keepers but it's fun just looking and no one minds us handling the pots.