Tuesday, 4 March 2008

Ceramic Art London

I visited Clay Art London on Saturday.It was fun to be released from the studio for a day and see lots of wonderful pots. I had hoped to take photos like our roving reporter Andrew as I had enjoyed his report from the week before, but photography was not allowed! Anyway I enjoyed myself talking to potters and looking at work on all ends of the ceramic spectrum. I met Paul Young again and thought his stand was superb. I bought I small jug by Josie Walter as I loved the creamy slip against the dark grogged body.I've put it here with some of my jugs and of course one of Doug's. Sorry the photo doesn't do justice to the pots. My favourite pot of the exhibition wasn't for sale it was a wonderful, very large jug by Clive Bowen on the information desk.

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  1. Hi Margaret, I renmember when I made that jug, I dipped it in the dark glaze and there wasn't enough so I quickly had to dip it in the light glaze, hence the yellow foot. I was thinking of that very pot earlier in the week when I was glazing, so did some double dipped stuff to try and replicate that happy accident.