Friday, 7 March 2008

working methods

This is my work table this afternoon. Last week I realised that this bowl with the insects was the last I had of it's kind and thought I would make some more. When I sgraffito these I work straight from the pictures in the book and don't do any preliminary drawings.
The very fact of thinking about these to put on the blog has made me aware of just how long each one is taking to complete. I think that just to decorate each one is taking me in excess of two hours! I still have at least 5 bowls in the damp cupboard and as many jugs. I may have to give this more thought!!
I am really looking forward to getting back onto the wheel next week. Maybe making somethings with less decoration.
I took an hour off this morning to visit my local gallery and pick up a copy of Ceramic Review. The most interesting thing I've noticed so far is that Hannah won a book! Maybe I need to give it more serious attention when I haven't got a glass of red wine to hand.


  1. Margaret, It's neat to see your process. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Margaret, Do you draw the outline with a ceramic pencil or do you paint the outline with a brush? I suppose you use the same technique for the letters as for the characters. I love your work! Gay