Wednesday, 26 March 2008

Yet more children's work

Here's a template I've cut ready to decorate a large bowl. The drawing below is where the idea started. I use templates for the more illustrative images as I can be sure to get them in the centre of the bowl.

When I felt I couldn't draw another bee, beetle or butterfly I went out for a walk to find some feathers. I didn't manage to find many and the rain came down in the bargain so I got quite wet. We live just five minutes walk from a nature reserve with three lakes. The lakes were created by excavating for sand. Now the excavation is finished there are some attractive lakes and-here's the point-birds! Anyway they weren't obliging enough to leave any feathers. I think the few I did collect were once pigeon.
The feathers I drew into a sketch book and then worked directly from the drawings onto a few bowls.

The children who came to my pottery class made these Easter baskets. It was a bit of a rush last week to get them all fired and filled with chocolate eggs and bunnies in time for Easter. I was dashing around Thursday afternoon delivering them.
This little chap is by a 10 year old boy who has never used clay before. For a first attempt I think it is delightful and it was a joy to see his face when he saw it fired and glazed.

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  1. Hi Margaret
    Interesting to see the way you work and wonderful drawing as ever. That model from the little lad's lovely. My boys do quite a bit but get fed up of my limited pallette, I'll have to sort it out, I'd love some advice.
    Hope all is good with you