Sunday, 16 March 2008

More bowls

Our computer died on Monday so there wasn't much blogging last week. (Possibly two minutes silence will not go amiss here!) The good news is that my husband did his knight in shinning armour thing and came home on Wednesday with a wonderful new computer. I haven't quite got to grips with it yet but I thought I would put on another of my insect bowls. I originaly got the idea when I borrowed a book from the library called 'Cabinet of Natural Curriosties' by Albertus Seba. Gay asked if I draw it out first-but on these I don't I just draw straight onto the bowl. When it comes to the lettering though as I get near to the end of the space I fill in the letters in felt tip pen to make sure I don't end up with an unfinished word. Of course the felt tip burns away in the firing being water based.

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