Wednesday, 16 April 2008

The 'girls'

Very little pottery is being done this week with three boys at home.When the eleven (nearly twelve) year old complained he was bored I decided it was time to get the baking out. When we had finished and done the washing-up it looked quite pretty. You might just be able to make out Doug's little jug there snuggling up to a jug by the Youngs. We weren't long making a pot of tea and sampling the cakes.
... and these are the girls. They really shouldn't be out but they had some how made a bid for freedom. They are outside the door to the studio.

The real things were very difficult to photo as they didn't stay still for one moment. But these I made out of paper clay years ago and they hardly move at all!


  1. Good to see the little jug in its new home. Lovely to see yo all the other day

  2. I love the expression on your paper clay chicken! The other girls are adorable too. Any chicken-themed decorations on your pottery planned?

  3. Your paper clay chicken is indeed a beautiful beast.

  4. Hello Girls !!

    Dosn't quite have the same ring to it, does it.